Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lots of Snuggies

Kelly bought the girls a Snuggie for Christmas. They are those blanket with sleeves you see on the commercial. They are pink and are for kids. Maggie always oodles over them when they are on t.v. Well he ordered 8 of them instead of Two. .SO if any one would like to give one to there little girls for Christmas I will sell them for $16 dollars.Let men know.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I keep finding different situation where Maggie is deep in organizing. For example...I just asked her to put away some cans from the grocery's next thing I know she has taken all of the stuff out of the cupboard and is putting everthing in sections according to size, type ect.Next I asked her to put away ponytails in the bathroom droor , same thing happened. She spent the next 30 min cleaning seperating and categorizing the entire drawer. When she took a bath the other day she lined her dirty clothes and shoes in a tidy row against the wall. Sometimes she will organize her underwear drawer, folding her underwear and putting them in piles. I could go on and on. It will be interesting to see how she is as she gets older. She has always liked to seperate things as a baby too, so I think it will just evolve and get deeper. FUNNY

Color Me Mine

We were trying to think of something fun to do on saturday. We had a coupon for a make your own pottery place so we thought we would try it out. You get to pick out a raw piece of pottery and paint it then they fire it for you and you pick it up in a week. It was fun. The kids picked the colors they wanted and painted the things they picked out . Good Kind of out of the norm fam activity.


We went to Hooper to trunk R treat then came back to plain city to hit houses. Kids loved running as fast as they could to each house. The are still eating way too much candy.


renovations cont....

I painted these headboards for the girls. They turned out really cute. I painted their room, entrance, and kitchen silver saige. It looks good. I hate picking out paint..yuck. It is so hard. So I got the girls these bedspreads at Target on sale. I need stuff to hang on their walls to spruce it up but overall the room look much better. And the carpet in the entrance is gone . YEA I hate carpet. It feels so much cleaner to have a hard surface. And I got a great deal on the tile (all you have to do is ask and you can usually get it for less). So of cours I still have more to work on but it is feeling good and looks alot better. More to come...

Fall Fun

We have big old trees in our yard, which is great except all the leaves that are falling . It was fun to have the kids play in them. The weather has been so nice. Whish it would last.